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Auto Glass - Car Windscreen Repair and Replacement

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If you require a full windscreen replacement for your car, motorhome, truck or bus our experienced professionals will provide you with a quality result. We stock and fit the latest laminated safety glass windscreens for a wide range of vehicles. If we don’t carry in stock the windscreen for your vehicle, we will endeavor to source it in the quickest time possible, no matter how rare.

In addition to windscreen replacements we can also replace side and rear glass.

Vehicle Insurance Claims

If your vehicle insurance policy includes glass cover the repair or replacement is typically free and usually wont effect your no claims bonus. As part of our service, we will manage your insurance claim on your behalf.

Windscreen repairs

Instead of replacing the windscreen, we can sometimes perform a repair. A repair is usually quicker to perform that a full replacement, meaning you are back on the road faster.

To ascertain whether a repair is possible we will need to sight the vehicle. Please contact us to arrange a time and location, or stop by our premise for a free no obligation assessment.

As with a full windscreen replacement, if you have car insurance with glass cover, a repair is typically free and usually wont effect your no claims bonus.

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